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this city. massachusetts emergency management agency says it is fully activated right now, coordinating with authorities on the ground, and authorities on the water. this parade will end when the duck boats head out to the charles river. of course, the most important part of this morning is that all these people, these 1 million fan, stay safe and can enjoy a celebration six months and or in the making. allison, victor? >> alexandra, what about the marathon bombing survivors? do we know that there's anything special planned specifically for them? >> reporter: it should be the most moving moment of this entire day, as we're told the red sox will stop just about when they make it to the marathon finish line, just down boylston street that way. we're told they have plan, some sort of tribute. but the details have not been released, so that's a moment we'll wait to see together. allison, victor? >> okay, alexandra field, thank you. >>> the boston marathon finish line has been a strong symbol for the red sox and their fans this entire season. you may remember wednesday night after the red so
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1